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Different sized colourful balloons
Custom Balloon Garland Service
At My Party Box, we understand that your special day must be perfect. That is why we offer custom balloon garland service with various colors and brands to choose from. The process is simple and easy.

About Our Balloon Garland

Regular Size Garland 3M comes with the following items:

🎈 60 x 11” (30cm) Latex Balloons

🎈 30 x 5” (12cm) Latex Balloons

🎈 3 x 16” (40cm) Latex Balloons

🎈 1 x 24” (60cm) Latex Balloon

🎈 1 x 5 Meter Balloon decorating Strip

🎈 1 x Balloon Pump

🎈 1 x Glue Dot

🎈 Assembling instruction

🎈 94 balloons in total (For luxe balloon garland collection, it will include double-stuffed balloons, counted as one) 

Large Size Garland (6M)

🎈 120 x 11” (30cm) Latex Balloons

🎈 60 x 5” (12cm) Latex Balloons

🎈 6 x 16” (40cm) Latex Balloons

🎈 2 x 24” (60cm) Latex Balloon

🎈2 x 5 Meter Balloon decorating Strips (tie two balloon strips together to make a longer one, overlap a few inches to make it more secure) or 1 x 15 Meter Balloon decorating Strip

🎈 2 x Balloon Pumps (extra pump provided, your family and friends can help)

🎈 1 x Glue Dot

🎈 Assembling instruction

🎈 188 balloons in total (For luxe balloon garland collection, it will include double-stuffed balloons, counted as one)

Mini Size Garland (1.5M)

🎈 30 x 11” (30cm) Latex Balloons

🎈 15 x 5” (12cm) Latex Balloons

🎈 2 x 16” (40cm) Latex Balloons

🎈 1 x 5 Meter Balloon decorating Strip 

🎈 1 x Balloon Pump

🎈 1 x Glue Dot

🎈 Assembling instruction

🎈 47 balloons in total (For luxe balloon garland collection, it will include double-stuffed balloons, counted as one)

Important note: Some colors may not come with large size or Jumbo size balloons. We will replace 3 Large sizes balloon with one Jumbo size or replace one Jumbo with 3 Large size balloons.

No. Balloons are supplied uninflated - Assembly required. This DIY kit includes everything you need. Instruction is provided and easy to follow. You will also have access to our video tutorial on our website. 


No prior experience is necessary. The 1.5 Meter Garland will take around 1.5 hours for one person to assemble. Of course, it will take less time if you have your family or friends to help. For 6 meters balloon garland, we recommend you spend two nights to assemble it. Using an electrical pump will definitely help a lot. Having a glass of wine and talking with your friends of family will make this process more fun and enjoyable.

Organizing a party could be very busy. The balloon garland will last for a week or more, so you can prepare it 2-3 days ahead and make your life a bit easier. (Balloons will shrink slightly over time but will not affect the result). Please make sure you store your inflated garland in a cool, dark room and away from sharp objects and sun. 

Our balloons are all premium quality, from famous brands (Qualatex, Sempertex and Tuftex), 100% rubber latex (non-plastic), sustainable and biodegradable.   

We recommend using your balloon garland for indoor only, as outdoor wind will easily blow off balloons from the balloon strip tape.  For outdoor used, you can use balloon string technic. Please make a note at check out to inform customer service to swap the balloon strip tape for you. Check with our youtube tutorial here on how to use balloon string to make a balloon garland. 

What Size Do You need?

We provide 3 different sizes of balloon Garlands.

Our regular size garland is the most pouplar choice, it allow you to create a balloon garland from floor to ceiling , if you hire a 2-meter round mesh prop from an event hire company , a 3 meter garland will allow you to wrap up half of the round prop.

If you want to create an arch, or fully cover a 2-meter round mesh pop, you will need a 6-meter balloon garland.

If you just want a simple and easy set up, our mini 1.5 meter size is perfect for you.

Balloon Garland Size Chart

Why choosing Double Stuffed balloons?

Double stuffed balloons are the most recent trend of balloon/ party industry. Double stuffed means we put one balloon inside the other. Combing two balloons together allow us to make a special color balloon, which give us a unique color and solid look, it will also make your balloon last longer.

Move the arrow to see the difference between basic Color & double Layer balloons

Basic Rainbow Balloon Garland
Deluxe Rainbow Balloon Garland Kit

What Make Our Balloons Special?

Discover the exceptional charm of our latex balloons, where high quality and environmental consciousness intertwine seamlessly. Crafted with precision and care, our balloons stand out as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Adding to the uniqueness of our range, we offer a selection of special made double stuffed balloons. This innovation allows us to create mesmerizing, one-of-a-kind colors that radiate joy and excitement. These double stuffed balloons add an extra layer of creativity to any event, making it truly unforgettable.

My Party Box balloon color chart

What option do we provide?

We provide three different types of custom balloon garlands:

  • Basic Color Balloon Garland: all single layer balloons with basic colors

  • Partial Double Stuffed Balloon Garland: you can select up to 60% double stuffed balloons or deluxe balloons (Chrome color/Confetti/Print)

  • Full Double Stuffed Balloon Garland: you can select up to 100% double stuffed balloons or deluxe balloons (Chrome color/Confetti/Print).

Check How to Make a Balloon Garland



The absolute best!

The balloons are quality and the garland really didn’t take long at all to do, especially following their instruction video. But I want to just give a shout out because I changed my mind in colours a billion times and they were so polite and accommodating. I would have been annoyed but they were so lovely and the colour combo ended up exactly what I was after! Will use these guys time and time again. Thank you for the excellent product and service!!!

Bonnie B

Beyond balloons expectation

We were desperate for a certain colour scheme for a baby shower, luckily there was a number we could contact the owner, and they were able to find us what we needed. Delivery was super efficient, we ordered the balloons Wednesday and they arrived Friday, ready for a baby shower on Saturday. Awesome business!

Isabelle Raukete

Made it so easy!

Loved the garland that I was able to create with the pack and getting to choose my own colours was so nice. Wanted it to hang so did it a bit differently and it still worked well.


Thank you so much for such a beautiful garland for my Dad’s memorial. You helped me choose the perfect colours, it was made so well and communication great too. 50%n of the garland is still up two weeks later. Thanks again.


Speedy service, happily purchase from here again:)


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If you need help with choosing color, talk to our party expert.

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