Paper Fans

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      Paper Fans are artful adornments that will effortlessly elevate your party decor to elegance and sophistication. They are a quick and fun way to decorate your special day. At My Party Box, we have a wide collection of party fans ranging from lustrous metallic finishes to intricate patterns and vibrant prints to suit any theme you’ve set your mind for!

      Whether you're hosting a lavish wedding, a chic cocktail soirée, or a joyous birthday celebration, these paper fans are sure to wow your guests. With their versatility, our paper fans are the perfect companions for any party setting. Hang them in captivating clusters from ceilings, creating a breathtaking visual display, decorate the walls with a curated arrangement of fans, transforming them into striking backdrops that inspire awe and admiration or place them strategically on tables, adding a stylish flourish to your party centrepiece and tableware.

      So, what are you waiting for? Let the party begin with our colourful party accessories! For further inquiries, call 021-1819990.