Hire Neon Signs


      Illuminate your celebrations with the vibrant glow of My Party Box's neon signs, available for rent. We understand the dynamic nature of events, so we offer a convenient and cost-effective solution to enhance your celebration without commitment. Renting party supplies allows you to customise your event to your style, ensuring your occasion stands out without the hassle of long-term storage or maintenance.

      Our rental neon signs seamlessly complement various themes and occasions, transforming any space into a lively, Instagram-worthy setting. You can feature your party’s message with our chic and trendy neon lights, such as "Happy Birthday," "Bride to Be," "Let's Party," "Oh Baby," and "Will You Marry Me?"—each crafted to add a touch of flair to your special moments.

      At My Party Box, we prioritise the visual appeal of your event and the ease of planning. With our neon signs, your celebrations will be effortlessly elevated with a modern and stylish touch. Combine them with our rental backdrops, floral arrangements, plinths, and even shimmer walls to create a cohesive and visually stunning ambience. Book your neon lights and other party supplies today to ensure your next event shines brightly.