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      Discover the Magic of Meri Meri Boutique Party Supplies

      Step into the enchanting realm of Meri Meri, a brand that turns every gathering into a fairy tale experience. Here at My Party Box, we applaud the artistry and innovation that define Meri Meri's reputation. Conceived by Meredith Stuart Smith, affectionately known as 'Meri Meri' during her youth, this brand has transitioned from crafting glitter-dusted cards on her kitchen table in Los Angeles to an adored name in party decor.

      Why 'Meri Meri'? It pays homage to the affectionate nickname bestowed upon Meredithe, encapsulating the brand's ethos: playfulness, allure and a touch of shimmer. Since its establishment in 1985, Meri Meri has become synonymous with premium crafted party essentials that breathe life into tales.

      The Origin Story of Meri Meri Party Supplies

      It all began with scissors, pens, and a generous dose of glitter. The captivating charm of Meri Meri cards captured the hearts of stationery stores in Los Angeles. They gained immense popularity following the National Stationery Show in New York in 1987.

      From starting in home kitchens to operating out of a 400-year-old building located in Cheltenham, just an hour west of London, Meri Meri has grown into a well-loved brand renowned for its unique designs and creative party themes.

      Where can you buy the Meri Meri Decorations in New Zealand?

      Here at My Party Box, we present an array of Meri Meri party essentials. Our curated collection embodies the essence of what Meri Meri represents: innovation, exquisite craftsmanship, and a touch of whimsy. 

      Explore the World of Meri Meri Decor at My Party Box

      Whether it's for a birthday extravaganza, a gathering, or any other special event, our selection of Meri Meri decorations is guaranteed to bring an air of cheer and elegance to your celebrations.

      • Themed Assortments: select from an array of captivating party themes from Meri Meri, each accompanied by matching decorations that create the ambience for your occasion.
      • Friendly Choices: with its dedication to sustainability, celebrating with Meri Meri means enjoying festivities while being mindful of the environment.
      • Award-Winning Creations: acclaimed products from Mer Meri have received accolades for their innovative designs and exceptional quality.
      • Unparalleled Imagination: From shimmering garlands to cupcake kits, the range of party supplies from Mere Mere transforms any gathering into a spectacle.

      Discover the charm of Meri Meri through My Party Box. Turn your upcoming occasion into an enchanting festivity by diving into our range of Meri Meri party essentials. Kick off the festivities! We provide FREE shipping on all orders (excluding balloon bouquet collection).