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      Ginger Ray Party Supplies

      Enhance Your Celebrations with Ginger Ray Party Supplies from My Party Box

      When you want to host an event, it's all about what stands out. Enter Ginger Ray, the leading party brand in the UK and New Zealand, through My Party Box. With over ten years of experience in the Wedding and party Industry, Ginger Ray has established itself with its designer and creative party supplies that cater to various celebrations — from baby showers and sophisticated weddings to stylish teen birthday parties and everything in between.

      A Legacy of Celebratory Excellence – The Journey of Ginger Ray

      The roots of Ginger Ray can be traced back to the vision of its creators, who identified a need for quality designer celebration items. Originating in the UK and expanding globally, Ginger Ray has become a trusted name for those seeking to add elegance and joy to their events. Renowned for their themes and meticulous attention to detail, Ginger Ray party supplies are more than decorations; they are the soul of the celebration that brings your ideas to fruition.

      Why Opt for Ginger Ray for Your Event?

      • Innovative Designs: At My Party Box, we recognise the desire for one-of-a-kind and creative party embellishments. That's why we provide the Ginger Ray range, known for its stylish designs that will make your party stand out.
      • Distinctive Style: Ginger Ray is renowned for its collections that offer an aesthetic for any occasion, whether vintage-inspired wedding accessories or vibrant elements for kids' parties.
      • Exceptional Quality: With their standards, Ginger Ray party supplies ensure that every banner, invitation and accessory is crafted to create memories.
      • Wide Selection: Whether organising a baby shower or a lively birthday celebration, Ginger Ray’s product range matches every personality and party theme.

      Explore Ginger Ray at My Party Box

      As the premier source of quality party supplies in New Zealand, My Party Box is excited to present the Ginger Ray collection to you. Discover the charm and sophistication of Ginger Ray’s decorations and party essentials by browsing our assortment today. With Ginger Ray's reputation for top-notch quality and our dedication to customer satisfaction your event planning is in our hands. From sending out inviting Ginger Ray cards to raise a toast at the end of the night, make every moment with My Party Box.