Create a DIY Balloon Garland Like a Pro

Are you planning a party and looking for a way to add some extra flair? Why not try creating a DIY balloon garland? This is a great project that even beginners can do, and the results are sure to impress your guests! In this blog post, we will walk you through the steps of creating your own balloon garland. We'll provide tips on how to make it look professional, as well as suggestions on what types of balloons to use. Let's get started! 

There are two ways to create a balloon garland. Using balloon strip tape or Using balloon string. 

Method 1: Balloon Strip Tape

 This is the quickest and easiest method, and it will result in a garland that is more uniform in shape.

Step 1:

If your use our 3 Meters / 6 Meter packages, it will comes with jumbo balloon. we recommend start from the bottom and using the jumbo size balloon at the bottom to create a solid foundation look.

start by pumping up all balloons except mini balloons at this step. put the balloon lip into each balloon strip hole. Insert balloons in left-right -left-right paten to create a balance look.

Then insert 6 regular size balloons onto the balloon tape (two balloons in one hole, one left and one right)

Next, insert the jumbo size balloon in it's own hole

After that, continue with inserting balloons (one balloon in one hole) with the left-right-left-right pattern until you reach the length you need (DO NOT insert the jumbo size balloon as the first balloon as the balloon won't stand stable)

Step 2.1

Insert the Large (16"/40cm) balloons in the following three points to make a perfect shape of your balloon garland.

Step 2.2

To create a curve, you need to skip one or two holes to allow the balloon garland to bend

Step 3:

After inserting all regular, large, and Jumbo size balloons, stand back and have an overlook at hte whole balloon garland, swap any color or size balloon if necessary to make a better shape of garland.

Step 4:

Blow up mini balloons to fill up the gap on the balloon garland. Use glue dot to stick the mini balloons to cover any gap on the balloon garland. Once balloon is stick onto the garland, DO NOT remove it as balloons will pop.

Want to have professional look? Tie 3 mini size balloons in to one cluster

Step 5

Add any other foil balloons or accessory onto the garland if you have any.

We also provide a detailed video instruction to show you how to make a balloon garland with balloon strip table.

All our balloon garland DIY packages used this technic. they are very easy to make. please check the whole collection here.

Method 2: Balloon String 

This is the most common method that balloon artist or party planner use to create organic look balloon garland.

the basic technic of this method is : 

Step 1: Inflate two balloons and tie them together.

Step 2: Inflate another two balloons and tie them together.

Step 3:Twist the above two group of balloons together and make it one balloon cluster. (Only twist balloons in one direction)

Step 4: Make more balloon clusters and use the balloon string to wrap the balloon cluster together. (Only twist string in one direction, which will allow you to untie the balloons easier if you make any mistake)

 Step 5: Hang the balloon garland with 3M hooks. Insert large and jumbo balloons to the position you want.

 Step 6: inflate mini balloons and stick them on garland with glue dot to cover holes.

We also provide a detailed video instruction to show you how to make a balloon garland with balloon string.

Props and Cons

Balloon stripe tape method is easier to use, You don't need any past experience. However, since it's not fixed on the balloon strip tape, so it is not ideal for outdoor use especially in windy condition.

Balloon string method allow you to create professional look, however, you may need a bit of practice at the beginning when you wrap the string over balloon clusters.

Both methods are great in creating a DIY Balloon Garland. It's up to you to decide which method works better for your event.

We hope you find this blog post helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at


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